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Spicy Veggie Burgers

These Spicy Veggie Burgers are not your typical burger. They’re healthy, gluten-free, and kick the heat up a notch with the awesomeness of sriracha. No one will call these burgers ordinary! 

Veggie burgers don’t have to be boring. My favorite kind of veggie burger is one that is flavorful, delicious, and hearty.

That’s how these Spicy Veggie Burgers were born – me looking for a way to make an un-boring vegan burger. The sriracha caught my eye and I knew it would be a hit.

These patties are easy to make and are ready in 30 minutes. If you’re looking for another tasty vegan burger, check out these Vegan BBQ Burgers.

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  • Gluten-Free Rolled Oats – This is going to help bind the veggie burgers so they stick, and add density to the burgers.
  • Chickpeas – Make sure to save the juice from the can of chickpeas! It’s what makes the whole thing stick together.
  • Onions – Yellow or white will work great in this recipe. It helps to add incredible flavor to the burgers.
  • Carrots – Sneak in a few more veggies, while adding flavor to your vegetable burgers.
  • Sriracha – This is where you ramp up the heat and make your burgers stand out. Feel free to adjust how little or much you use, to control the spice.
  • Aquafaba – AKA chickpea juice. The aquafaba binds the burger’s ingredients together.
  • Garlic Powder – Just a bit adds delicious flavor to your burgers.
  • Nutritional Yeast – A great source of nutrients and flavor in your burgers.
  • Topping – I used Sriracha and ranch for adding flavor to these veggie sriracha burgers. Now, you can change up what you use if you would like.

How to Make

Make the oat flour: Add the oats to a food processor and process until it becomes a fine flour.

Process the rest of the ingredients: Add the rest of the ingredients (except oil) to the food processor and plus until well mixed/chopped. You don’t want the texture too smooth.

Shape the patties: Split the mixture into 4 parts and shape into patties.

Refrigerate: Place the patties into the fridge for 15 minutes to harden a bit so they don’t fall apart when cooking.

Cook: Coat the bottom of a large skillet with oil, add the burgers, and cook for 4 minutes on each side until slightly browned.

Add toppings: Add whatever toppings your heart desires like lettuce, tomato, ranch, more sriracha, etc. And enjoy!

Tips to Customize

I also love to add all sorts of sauces to my veggie burgers to take them to the next level so for this burger I used some vegan ranch to be a cooling factor from the sriracha. I have two ranch versions: one for my Buffalo Quinoa Balls and one that I use on my Vegan Ranch Pasta Salad – either one would be tasty.

A note about cooking these. While I love grilling my veggie burgers, I usually fry or bake them first so the coating becomes more solid to make sure they hold together on the grill.

What can I eat with these spicy chickpea burgers?

Enjoy these patties with crisp veggies, chips, french fries, a salad, or any of your other favorite side dishes.

A creamy vegan ranch pasta salad, easy vegan pasta salad, healthy vegan ramen noodle salad, or herbed potato salad would be a perfect addition!

Recipe FAQs

How do you know when a veggie burger is cooked?

You will know when your veggie burgers are done, once they are crispy on the outside, and warmed all the way through.

Can they be grilled?

Yes, but I recommend you fry them in a pan first so they don’t fall apart on the grill.

Can vegans eat veggie burgers?

Vegans can eat some veggie burgers but be sure to look at the recipe to make sure it doesn’t call for dairy or eggs. If so, you might be able to swap with vegan-friendly dairy or egg alternatives.

Are veggie burgers healthy?

Depending on the ingredients used, veggie burgers can be very healthy. These particular burgers are loaded with whole grains, legumes, and veggies. You will find that making homemade veggie burgers is a delicious alternative to buying packaged burgers.

Can you freeze sriracha veggie burgers?

Yes, these veggie burgers can be frozen cooked or uncooked. Just form our patties, place in a lined baking sheet and then freeze until fully set up. Then use wax paper in between each burger to prevent sticking.

The same goes for cooked burgers. Then freeze for 3-4 months. When you want one, reheat in the microwave if cooked, or pan cook or toss on the grill.

Can these burgers be made ahead of time?

The burgers will keep a few days pre-cooked in the fridge or a few weeks in the freezer and then you can heat them up on the stove or grill them when you’re ready to eat.


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