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Vegan Carrot Cake Cupcakes (gluten-free)

These Vegan Carrot Cake Cupcakes are a perfect treat for Easter, springtime, or to make for the bunny lovers in your life. 

I’m not sure if I ever shared this before but my husband, Matt, calls me “Bunny”.  I don’t remember exactly where it came from but I think had something to do with me jumping around in snow piles and he said I looked like a snow bunny.

I won’t lie, I encouraged the nickname because I’ve always loved bunnies – and who doesn’t want to be thought of as a cute little bunny? You know I do! I also had a sweet little bunny growing up called Gingerbread (who I named my Gingerbread Hot Chocolate after) and since then I’ve loved anything bunny-ish.

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Vegan Carrot Cake Cupcakes

So when thinking of what to make for an Easter dessert, I wanted to do something with a bunny. Bunnies eat carrots so I thought why not do a carrot cake? I figured I could top it with a bunny and I’d be all set.

I liked the idea of having more color on the cake so I did a bit of green grass on them too like the bunny was hopping around in some grass having a fun old time.

My Vegan Carrot Cake Cupcakes are not exactly like a traditional carrot cake. I use grated carrot but I left out the raisins and walnut. It’s my personal choice as I don’t really eat raisins and I’m not a fan of nuts in my cake – I’m more of a smooth cake kind of gal. If you like walnuts and/or raisins, feel free to throw some in.

Nutrition-wise, these are still desserts with sugar in them so I’m not saying you can eat 5 at a sitting but we all need some treats now and then. To make them a bit healthier I used less regular vegetable oil (which can be higher in Omega 6 fatty acids – the pro-inflammatory kind) and subbed in some healthier fats like coconut oil and nut butter.

Cupcake Decorating Ideas

I made the bunnies on top of the cupcake by melting vegan chocolate and adding them into bunny molds but there are a number of other ways to decorate them such as:

  • crushing some walnuts adding them to the rim of  the frosted cupcakes
  • piping carrots made of frosting on the top
  • making little chocolate bunny feet sticking out of the grass (like the bunny jumped in the grass)
  • adding vegan fruit bunnies or vegan jelly beans on top

I think this would be a fun little project to get the kids involved in. I’m sure they’d love adding decorations and the grass to the cupcakes.

They don’t have to be only for Easter – bunnies are in style throughout spring and all year round (or is that just me?)!

And if you’re looking for some other fun cupcakes, check out my Vampire Bite Cupcakes.

If you make this recipe and LOVE IT, please give it 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!

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