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Vegan Buffalo Chicken Rice Skillet – A One Pot Dish

This Vegan Buffalo Chicken Rice Skillet is perfect for a football night dinner. Vegan chick’n, brown rice and veggies are smothered in hot sauce and topped with ranch sauce for a tasty meal! 

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A Buffalo Sauce Obsession

I’m so obsessed with Buffalo anything – as you may have read in my Quinoa Buffalo Balls and Buffalo Chickpea Tacos posts. I just can’t get enough of that hot sauce taste!

I’m a huge Miami Dolphins fan and every year I have such high hopes but they never seem to pan out. So for all of football season (and the Super Bowl if the Dolphins are not in it), I drown my sorrows in vegan food.

This dinner is easy to prepare and perfect for game time. I used chick’n strips and added in lots of veggies and some brown rice to keep the dish nutritious – but don’t worry, you family won’t even realize!

All of these ingredients are simmered in hot sauce and topped with ranch sauce to make my Vegan Buffalo Chicken Rice Skillet!

Vegan Buffalo Chicken Rice Skillet

When deciding on the veggies to add to my Buffalo Chicken Rice, my first choice was celery because it’s usually eaten with those flavors but let’s be honest, a little celery wasn’t cutting it. I also added carrots because they’re tasty and I felt like I needed one more veggie but couldn’t decide what it should be.

I called my sister (because she’s my idea gal) and she recommended cauliflower. It was a great idea because it’s not an overwhelming flavor and can be cut into bite-sized pieces which would fit in with the recipe.

For the ranch, I used the sauce from my Ranch Pasta Salad but the sauce from my Buffalo Quinoa Balls would work too (you might just need to add a little extra liquid).

Meal Prep Tip: Make a big batch of brown rice the weekend (or day) before so you have the rice all ready to go for this tasty meal!


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